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Questioning the position of the human being, he's looking to create more harmonious and alternative concepts for nowadays lifestyles. He aims to create regenerative landscapes that guide us towards a more balanced way of living. Forming the bridge between the material and spiritual world.  

As a designer and visual artist, I spend a lot of time wondering how our habitat can actively help us change our behaviour and generate awareness. One that is putting us back in contact with nature and the self  within the wole, luring us away from our deracinated way of living. Living and acting in accordance with the language of the natural landscape, I try to create entities and atmospheres that remind us of certain values and of our position as a species on this living planet. How we choose to live and shape our reality greatly impacts our relationship with the environment, for it defines the paths we will walk upon. 

The place we live through, and the elements they bear, can be seen as one living being that is bound to an infinite amount of external and internal forces. Even the smallest elements can influence and sustain the patterns of our behaviour, . Our environment  is thus a reflection of the world that we believe to inhabit for it embodies this belief. It contains a life energy filled with signs, symbols and traces that remind us of our visions, the dreams we pursue, and the reasons for our very existence.

Drifting along this river of thoughts, I am exploring ways of repositioning essential and primal elements within the habitats we live in. Collectively these elements and entities can generate a strong current that raises awareness and stimulates a more balanced way of living. One that does not overburden our environment, but rather lays the basis for a more meaningful relationship with a planet that actively sustains the wellbeing of both nature and human beings, nurturing mind, body and soul. "


"Anthony shows a series of objects that on the one hand are functional, but on the other hand also have a symbolic or spiritual value. The objects are well thought out and made and testify to Anthony's mastery of skills and sensitivity to the materials he works with. The world Anthony knows how to conjure up is one of continuity, respect, contemplation, discovery and attention. By playing with time, balance, light and diverse natural materials and growth processes, it convincingly creates its own atmosphere. At its core, Anthony's work offers an alternative to the agitation and consumerism of the society in which we live. It succeeds in evoking a meditative experience, perhaps a result of the tranquility Anthony manages to find in the creative process. The work expresses an ecological awareness and consists largely of recycled materials. It thus writes itself in a broader movement of revaluation of crafts and traditions, but within that Anthony creates a visual language of his own. Together with the material he creates an atemporal space within which the object can arise both memories from the past and possible escape gates for an uncertain future. The focus on maintenance as a facet of object making and caring is clear and relevant."

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