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Kairos is a time instrument referring to one of two ancient Greek concepts of time: Chronos and Kairos. Kairos serves the opportune moment rather than structural, linear time. The display of chronological time reminds me on the smothering performance-oriented society we nowadays live in. This entity serves as an alternative way of dealing with time. It can be used as time measuring tool for meditation, rituals or free-time management to provide a pressure free and more lucid time experience.


The passage of time is not expressively visible but it is perceivable through sound. Depending on the size of the sand grains, time will pass a bit faster or shorter, it is never precise, which is the whole point. Being in this time is more about the activation, the embodiment and the performance of the moment then about an exact amount of time.


Further on the materiality of the object, all parts are handmade (except for the gears) and can be dismantled to make restoring, upgrades and recycling processes easier. Beneath the socket you’ll find Kairos’s biometric passport, manual and logbook as a tool for the object’s (after-)life agency… and a filter for the sand! 



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