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Scratch was designed as a social-durable object which allows its users to leave their marks  within its matter. The more scratches, inscriptions or carvings it will contain, the more beauty and history it will reveal. Although some marks might disappear by the creation of might disappear by the creation of new ones, it actually serves as a ritual to let go of the past 

For millennia the human species has used stone carving as a medium to express or tell stories. These matters take time and therefor an emotional commitment, the results  may last for many generations. may last for many generations.

Carving upon a matter brings back a sense of our instincts. It is a permanent manipulation of matter that only requires our body and a simple tool to translate the actor’s senses.. Therefore I find the embodiment of marking  is one of the most pure and honest  expressions. It does not lie, it becomes a direct expression of stimulus during the action. Each scratch becomes unique and contains its own story.

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