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- May 2022  

At the Design Museum of Ghent, during the first edition of DFG: Be Wild, Act and Change.


VATA is a work about connecting and translating the outside with the inside. Playfully making us aware of the climatological forces that are living outside. And at the same time generate energy off the grid, sending a positive message of change and self-sustainability.

One of two enitities that can not be seen appart from eachother. The windmill Va, dancer in the wind, ensures a direct comunication of the winds energy that is translated into the breathing light of Ta. 

As a metafor we can on how natural forces are alligned with our own (e-)motions experienced through body and mind.


215 x 70 x 80 cm 


Steel (coated), pvc, resin, aluminium, copper, old ship sail, recup slats. 





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